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What Is Physiotherapy?

Many people know the value that physiotherapy brings to their life and their physiotherapist has been with them through the highs and lows of injury and recovery throughout their life. However, for those who have never been to see a physiotherapist before, there can be a question mark over exactly what it is that physiotherapists do. 

What is it that physiotherapists do? 

The answer is tricky because physiotherapists do so much. We might be described as pain management experts, as we work to reduce the pain of our patients, from those who have suffered a new injury, to those who have had pain for several years. We first identify the cause of the pain and then provide manual therapy techniques, education and management strategies to help our patients understand, manage and reduce their pain. 

While pain is usually the first thing that brings patients to see a physiotherapist, this pain has often caused patients to give up activities that they love and can even be getting in the way of everyday tasks. By identifying the cause of your symptoms, we can help to get you back to full function. Physiotherapists are able to do this for people at all activity levels, including elite athletes and those dealing with serious disabilities. 

In fact, physiotherapists have a role to play at practically every stage of life. We can assess infants to monitor their motor skills development and as they grow we help them deal with the pains and vulnerabilities of a growing body. Among other things, we can help to prevent injuries, improve pelvic floor dysfunction and work to prevent falls in the elderly. 

Not just exercises and massage. 

Physiotherapists offer a range of treatments, from self-management strategies, stretches, manual therapies, dry needling, exercises and massage. 

A huge part of recovering from pain and injury comes from understanding what is happening and how to best manage these issues. Rather than create a dependency on their therapist, we aim to empower our patients to improve their health independently as much as possible. 

A physiotherapist’s primary goal is to improve your quality of life and remove any barriers to full participation, whether these barriers are due to pain, weakness or stiffness. 

None of the information in this article is a replacement for proper medical advice. Always see a medical professional for advice on your condition.

Physio Direct is ACC accredited so you can come to us directly to get an injury registered with ACC without having to go to your GP first, followed by an assessment, treatment and follow up review, to ensure correct care and recovery. Physio Direct can also refer you directly for Cortisone injections, X-Rays and Ultra Sound Scans and on to Specialists if needed.

Please feel free to print out these news letters and put the in the staffroom and hand them out to your team. Understanding more about injuries, gives people the power to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Prevention and education is the key!