Treatments and Cost

At Physio Direct, we treat injuries with a range of treatment options that would best fit your injury to regain strength, stability, range of motion and to decrease pain. Every injury at Physio Direct is assessed and given a diagnosis.
These treatments include:
Strengthening Exercises: When muscles are in pain they often become weak. This causes decreased strength and activation of the muscles causing other muscles to over work and over compensate. Weak muscles can change the way you walk, sit and hold yourself and become tired easily causing fatigue and increased pain from over activation. Strengthening exercises are important to promote correct muscle contractions and positions to strengthen weak areas so the body can regain its strength and stability and future injury is less likely.
Stretches: Stretches go hand in hand with strengthening exercises to make sure the working muscles are not over working and becoming tight. Stretches are very important for recovering tissue. If muscles remain tight, there is a higher chance of re-injury through a strain. Healing muscles fibres need load and movement to promote healthy and strong tissue repair. The physios will show you the correct way to stretch the muscles that need it.
Mobilisations: Gentle mobilisations of joints can help improve small positional faults in the joint that can cause a catching, jamming pain, or limited range of motion. Such techniques are used to free the joint so it can glide and slide smoothly allowing range of motion to improve and pain to decrease. Mobilisations are great for back and neck pain without causing aggravation to the joints with a longer term effect.
Trigger Point Release: Pressure applied to specific areas in the muscle can release tightness in the muscle. Muscle tightness can cause referred pain to other areas of the body and can be very uncomfortable. Trigger point release allows these muscles to relax relieving aches, pains and tension.
Dry Needling: Dry Needling is used in a wide variety of ways to help with pain and to decrease muscle tightness. Dry Needling is a good alternative to use when an area is sensitive to the pressure that other techniques use. By stimulating an internal response in the tissue, nutrients and oxygen are brought into the area to promote tissue healing.
Massage: Massage may be used as part of your physiotherapy treatment and is used to help increase blood flow to a specific  area, promoting tissue healing by bringing nutrients and oxygen into the area. Massage helps relax muscle tissue and is great to relieve tightness and tension.
Cortisone Injection Referrals: Sometimes an injury is going to take longer to settle down and a cortisone can help speed up the recovery for an injury. If the physiotherapist thinks you would maybe benefit from one of these they would put a referral through the Ultra Sound clinic, where they would do an Ultra Sound Scan and then decide if the injury would indeed benefit from a cortisone injection. It is then your choice if you would like to proceed with this treatment option.
Surgical Rehabilitation: We are able to help with any type of post surgical rehabilitation including, total knee and hip joint replacements, shoulder rotator cuff surgeries, fractures with internal fixations and ligaments and meniscus repairs. We can help you progress within the boundaries of your surgical intervention to regain range of movement and strength in the correct time frames.
Neurological Rehabilitation: We have a wide range of experience with many different type of neurological injuries. We are able to help with chronic neurological conditions, including strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal injuries etc. Please note, for acute neurological injuries it is recommended for rehabilitation to be carried out in a hospital setting where funding and more equipment is available.
Home Visits: Home visits are a great alternative option of the elderly or disabled who are not able to get in to the clinic for a physiotherapy session. At Physio Direct we have portable massage tables and equipment that allows us to easily set up in your own living room literally bringing physio to YOUR door step.
Specialist, Ultra Sound and X-Ray referrals: If your physiotherapist is concerned about the injury you have and they feel further investigation needs to be done, they can refer you to a specialist, for an Ultra Sound Scan and or an X-ray. You don’t need to go back to your GP to get these referrals. Only a specialist can refer for an MRI scan.
Kinesiology Taping: Kinesiology tape is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. Therapeutic kinesiology tape can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions.

For more information or if the service you require is not listed here please call us on 0800 55 55 123