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Whanganui (sometimes spelt Wanganui) is a place steeped in history, art and culture. Big enough to draw crowds and small enough to be intimate. The vibrant community prides itself on its parks and reserves, cycle and walkways and an abundance of creativity.

We are currently accepting new patients. No GP referral is needed, and appointments can be booked online. Physio Direct Whanganui is also a registered ACC provider.

Pelvic Health Services

We are now offering Pelvic Health care to patients in the Whanganui area. Our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assess, treat, and support various pelvic-related injuries and conditions including:

  • Anterior wall prolapse, posterior wall prolapse, or uterine prolapse
  • Coccyx fracture or dislocation
  • Levator avulsion
  • Obstetric anal sphincter injury tears or tears to the perineum, labia, vagina, vulva, clitoris, cervix, rectum, anus, or urethra
  • Obstetric haematoma of pelvis
  • Pubic ramus fracture
  • Pudendal neuropathy
  • Symphysis pubis capsule or ligament tear

Note that ACC has recently updated their policy to include cover for some maternal birth injuries.

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Opening hours:
Monday – Friday
8am – 6:30pm

Phone: 0800 55 55 123

Make an appointment, No GP referral needed.

Physio Direct Whanganui is a Registered ACC Provider.

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Henry Hallatt – Physiotherapist

Henry Hallatt – Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Apart from being a sport fanatic Henry loves working with people and being a part of their journey to health. Henry is a passionate physiotherapist who believes in the power of hard work and consistency to ensure desirable results. Henry has 5 years experience in both a hospital and private practice setting where he has… Read More

Lane Malan – Physiotherapist

Lane Malan – Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Lane is originally from South Africa where she worked in a hospital and out-patient setting. With a background in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and specialised training in women’s and pelvic health in New Zealand, Lane Malan is a dedicated advocate for women’s wellbeing as well as anyone struggling with pelvic related problems. Her approach is defined by… Read More