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Ohakune is home to the North Island’s only ski fields in Winter and plays host to a range of outdoor sports in Summer. With a large population-base involved in outdoor recreation, we often see patients seeking treatment for joint pain or muscle strain. We are a full-service physiotherapy clinic, able to address issues ranging from foot pain to post-surgical treatment. We also specialise in a variety of treatments from Kinesiology Taping to Musculoskeletal Assessment.

Physio Direct is conveniently located at The Gym Ohakune on 18 Ayr Street.

We are currently accepting new patients. No GP referral is needed and appointments can be booked online.  Physio Direct Ohakune is also a registered ACC provider.

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Opening hours:
Monday – Friday
8am – 5:30pm

Phone: 0800 55 55 123

Make an appointment, No GP referral needed.

Physio Direct is a Registered ACC Provider.

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Muhammad Saqeef (Saqeef) – Physiotherapist

Muhammad Saqeef (Saqeef) – Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Saqeef, an accomplished physiotherapist originally from Pakistan, possesses extensive expertise in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, showcasing a dedicated and compassionate approach to patient care. With a rich background in helping individuals recover from various musculoskeletal issues, Saqeef brings valuable skills to his practice. He excels in effective communication with patients, ensuring a holistic understanding of their needs… Read More

Ibraheem Rafay- Physiotherapist

Ibraheem Rafay- Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Ibraheem is a dedicated physiotherapist with experiences in both private settings and community-based initiatives. Originally from Pakistan but nurtured in the vibrant atmosphere of the United Arab Emirates. With a focus on post-operative and musculoskeletal injuries, he had the privilege of leading a community physio team, where patient education has been a priority of my… Read More