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Westport is known as a centre for all sorts of outdoor adventures.  With a large population base involved in adventure sport, we often see patients seeking treatment for sports injuries or post-surgical treatment.  We are a full-service physiotherapy clinic, able to address issues ranging from hip injury to carpal tunnel syndrome. We also specialise in a variety of treatments from Sports Injury to Musculoskeletal Health.

Physio Direct Westport is conveniently located at 161 Palmerston St, near New World.

We are currently accepting new patients. No GP referral is needed and appointments can be booked online. Physio Direct is also a registered ACC provider.

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Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday
8am – 6:00pm

Phone: 0800 55 55 123

Make an appointment, No GP referral needed.

Physio Direct is a Registered ACC Provider.

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Silas Carey – Physiotherapist

Silas Carey – Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Originally from rural New York State in the U.S., Silas received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from New York Medical College in 2016. Prior to his move to New Zealand, Silas worked in the orthopaedic unit of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City treating acute orthopaedic conditions before and after surgery. Silas has… Read More