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Carmin Kannemeyer – Physiotherapist

Carmin Kannemeyer is a passionate physiotherapist from South Africa. She thrives off of helping others and works fiercely to assist people as best as she can in a holistic manner. She has worked in public and private settings and has a special interest in neurological conditions. With experience in neuromusculoskeletal, orthopedic and sports injuries, Carmin is ready to tackle any problem that herself and her patients may come across. As much as her patients can learn from her, she tries to learn as much as she can from her patients with regards to culture and general life experiences.
When she isn’t assisting others, she enjoys almost anything outdoors, meditation, movie marathons (such as Lord of the Rings) and reading.

Physio Direct is ACC accredited so you can come to us directly to get an injury registered with ACC without having to go to your GP first, followed by an assessment, treatment and follow up review, to ensure correct care and recovery. Physio Direct can also refer you directly for Cortisone injections, X-Rays and Ultra Sound Scans and on to Specialists if needed.

Please feel free to print out these news letters and put the in the staffroom and hand them out to your team. Understanding more about injuries, gives people the power to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Prevention and education is the key!