Barbara Vente – Physiotherapist - Physio Direct NZ

Barbara Vente – Physiotherapist

Barbara’s passion is to empower people with skills and knowledge to manage their unique conditions. She is originally from Namibia and qualified in South Africa.

She worked in rural South Africa and private practice in Namibia. This has given her varied experience in treating musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, cardiac and pulmonary conditions. She has developed a love for treating children and adults with neurological disorders.

When not working, Barbara enjoys spending time in nature and being active. Her enthusiasm for the movement she has shared by giving Pilates classes.

Physio Direct is ACC accredited so you can come to us directly to get an injury registered with ACC without having to go to your GP first, followed by an assessment, treatment and follow up review, to ensure correct care and recovery. Physio Direct can also refer you directly for Cortisone injections, X-Rays and Ultra Sound Scans and on to Specialists if needed.

Please feel free to print out these news letters and put the in the staffroom and hand them out to your team. Understanding more about injuries, gives people the power to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Prevention and education is the key!