Physio Direct Job Description

Physio Direct Ltd, located in the Central North Island and Canterbury Region of the South Island,  is a rural private practice that is currently seeking new Physiotherapists to join our growing team. Physio Direct was set up 4.5 years ago when the director, Amy realised that there were many areas in rural NZ that did not have physiotherapy services.

We have chosen to locate most of our businesses in small rural communities where no other physiotherapy services are available. It is a great way to support smaller towns that patients would otherwise have to travel over an hour to get treatment, so our service is much appreciated.

Currently, Physio Direct has 6 locations in the Central North Island and 2 locations in the South Island. Some of our physios choose to rotate every 6 months to a new clinic allowing them to work in and experience a new area of New Zealand. We have 4 day working weeks (though sometimes an extra day is required if busy) which allows for 3 day weekends leaving even more time to explore. Fully furnished subsidised shared accommodation available at some locations or a relocation allowance is provided, along with a car, a computer and phone so you only have to arrive in the country and you have everything you need to get started. The position we have available is for a contractor (which is the most common way to employ a Physio in private practice here in NZ, meaning you would be responsible to pay your own tax).

We have an online system called Gensolve which is a cloud based system made especially for NZ physiotherapy clinics which links in with our national ACC service. This makes the day to day running of the clinics easy with an online booking system also. We have a full time receptionist/practice manager at one site that does the bookings for all sites on our free call 0800 phone number, our physios in clinic also rebook patients and take payments. We also have an administration assistant who looks after everything admin related. She is well known to the recruitment process and can help with all the questions about the NZ Physiotherapy registration process, which visa to apply for and all the insurance and other forms that need to be completed.

In New Zealand our “national insurance system” is called ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). This is partially subsidised by the government and we charge a surcharge to our patients as well as being paid partly from ACC. Most of our clinical patients are under ACC and we are ACC accredited and can fill in new injury claim forms and patients don’t need to be referred to see us. ACC covers any injury, including work and non-work place injuries.

In clinic, we see a range of musculoskeletal injuries, and some private patients with non-injury related pain eg OA. With NZ being the home of Brian Mulligan, we use a lot of his hands on techniques, along with those of Maitland and McKenzie. We don’t have a lot of electrotherapy modalities or Ultra Sound Machines in our clinics. Education and exercises are really important to us, as it gives the patients the tools to self-manage their injury and understand what has caused their injury to help with recovery and future prevention.

Physio Direct also holds a contract through ACC to do Return to Work Programs which helps people return to work after an injury over a 3-12 week period. These programs include work site assessments, reporting, gym programs, coordination with case managers, employers, GP’s and specialists. As we are the only physio in many of the areas we have clinics, we do a lot of these types of programs.

Our long term vision for Physio Direct is to continue developing clinics around NZ, branching into the South Island, and then looking at expanding into the Pacific Islands in the future.




We currently have 10 locations available in this rotating system at present. Find out more about the Physio Direct clinics on our Locations Page.

Frequently Asked Questions about working in New Zealand:

Before you can work in New Zealand as a physiotherapist you will need to register with the New Zealand Physio Board and apply for the correct Visa. Find out more information about working as a physio in New Zealand on our FAQ Page.

How to Apply:

If you would love to work as a rotating physio in New Zealand for Physio Direct,  please send a cover letter and your C.V to Kerri Lochead